Ord 565-2016 Waive Residency For Village Administrator
Ord 566-2016 Repealing Ord 561-2015 Mayor Compensation
Ord 567-2016 Repealing Ord 560-2015 Council Compensation
Ord 568-2016 Authorizing Posting of Publications
Ord 569-2016 Discharge Into Sanitary Sewer System
Ord 570-2016 Dilapidated Structures Within the Village
Ord 571-2016 Amending Ord 558-2015 Income Tax
Ord 572-2016 Fiscal Officer from Salaried to Hourly
Ord 574-2017 Amending Compensation of Village Council Members
Ord 575-2017 Annual Appropriation Ord
Ord 577-2017 Improvement and Constructing Sidewalks
Ordinance 578-2017 Under Speed Utility Vehicles
Ord 579-2017 Regulations for Mowing and Maintenance of Properties
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Income Taxes

Drop off:

Village Income Tax Department
102 South Jefferson St.
Pandora, OH 45877

Mailing Address:

Village of Pandora Income Tax Department
PO Box 193
Pandora, OH 45877

(419) 384-3112


Office Hours
8:30am to 4:30pm