Emergency Calls = 9-1-1

Police (non-emergency and other complaints) - 419-384-3750 (note - will ring into Putnam County Sheriffs Office).


Who do I contact regarding my water and sewer service?

For final bill readings, to set up a new account, or questions about the amount of your bill, contact the Fiscal Officer at 419-384-3112.  For questions about your water and sewer quality or problems, contact the water and sewer department at 419-384-3300.  Payments can be made at the Pandora Municipal Building, 102 S. Jefferson St.  There is a payment box located outside of the building for after hour payments.  Please mail payments to Village of Pandora, P.O. Box 193, Pandora, OH  45877.

How can my water and sewer bill be taken off my account automatically?

Please contact the Village of Pandora Fiscal Officer at 102 S. Jefferson St. PO Box 193, Pandora, OH 45877, or call 419-384-3112 for a copy of the form to be filled out.

 Who do I contact for other utilities?

Electric - American Electric Power 800-672-2231, Natural Gas - Dominion East Ohio Gas 419-227-5416,Telephone/Internet/Cable - Fairpoint Communications 800-400-5568, Garbage/Refuse - M & M Hauling 419-659-5968, Alt Refuse 888-459-5304, Koogler Refuse Service 419-643-6035, H & S Refuse 419-659-5885.

Green Energy (Electric and Gas)


Income Tax

Who do I contact on questions regarding the Pandora City Income Tax?

The Village of Pandora has a 1.5% city income tax.  The tax Commissioner is also the Fiscal Officer and she can be reached at 419-384-3112.

Building/Zoning Permits

What type of improvements require a building/zoning permit?
Construction or structural alteration of any building, including accessory buildings, consisting of at least 100 square feet.  Also fences, signs, and small wind energy systems.

How do I obtain a building/zoning permit?
You can pick up the form at the Municipal Building, 102 S. Jefferson St. during normal business hours, or call the Fiscal Officer at 419-384-3112.

Who do I contact with questions regarding the building/zoning permits?

You can contact the Village Administrator at 419-384-7600.

Other Questions and Answers
Does the village of Pandora have a recycle program?
At the present time, the village does not have an organized program, however bins are provided at the Ottawa Walmart for residents to drop off recycled material.

How can I get rid of unwanted appliances or trash so I can clean things up around my home?
The village sponsors a town wide pick up on the third Friday of June where items can be placed out by the street for pick up.  Please do not allow family and friends who live outside of the village to bring trash into the corporation limits to be picked up.  This is designed for Pandora residents only.  Your tax dollars pay for this service and it is a benefit to the residents of the village only.

What can I do with my leaves that come down in the fall?

The village has a leaf removal program that runs from the time the leaves come down through approximately the first week of December, or whenever the majority of the leaves have been picked up.  Simply rake your leaves to the edge of the street and the village employees will come around with the leaf vac machine and suck them up for you on a regular basis as they try and keep the leaves out of the catch basins as much as possible.  It is okay to put the leaves in the gutter if you live along a curbed street as it is harder to pick the leaves up if they are on top of the curb.  In addition,  long narrow rows are preferred over big wide piles, as the hose on the machine can only reach a certain length.  If the leaves are not close enough to the road the employees will only pick up what can be reached with the machine.

How can I reserve one of the two shelter houses at the park?

You can call the Fiscal Officer at 419-384-3112 to make a shelter house reservation. The village charges a modest fee of $25.00 for the use of the shelter house.  We only ask that you return the shelter to the condition you found it in.  Also please put any picnic tables you may move back under the shelter house to the way they were when you arrived.

When is the Riley Creek Festival?

The Riley Creek Festival (sponsored by the Pandora area Chamber of Commerce) is always held the second Saturday in August with the car show held the previous night.  Every other year there will be a musical performance performed by local talent at the Pandora-Gilboa School (for example, it will be in the even years August of  2014,2016,2018 and 2020).

How can I rent out the Arthur-Lugibihl Community Center Community Room or Gym?

You can call the Arthur-Lugibihl Center scheduling secretary at 419-384-3102 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to reserve the facility for a modest fee.

When is the Pandora Community Garage Sale Held?

The Pandora Community Garage Sale (sponsored by a local non-profit organization) is usually held the first or second week-end of June each year.

Income Taxes

Drop off:

Village Income Tax Department
102 South Jefferson St.
Pandora, OH 45877

Mailing Address:

Village of Pandora Income Tax Department
PO Box 193
Pandora, OH 45877

(419) 384-3112


Office Hours
8:30am to 4:30pm